To preserve Shasta County's Prime Farmland and to uphold the current
Shasta County General Plan. Be a member or make a donation.
Churn Creek Homeowners & Friends
P.O.Box 492261
Redding, CA 96049-3091
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David & Lee Anderson
Bill & Mary Asnicar  
George & Molly Cole      
Marjorie Hall  
Bernie & Phyllis Lawler 
Vernon Parsons
Gary & Peggy Singleton
Larry & Phyllis Solberg
Dan & Evelyn Suther
Agnes Woodford   
- Our Support Groups -
Citizens for Smart Growth
Shasta County Farm Bureau
Shasta Growers Association
Parkview Neighborhood Association
City of Shasta Lake
Pacheco School
California Dept. of Education
Sierra Club
Neighbors of the Creek
League of Women Voters
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- Why It's Important -
The Churn Creek Bottom Area is rare prime farmland representing some of the richest and most productive soils in Shasta County. Currently there are families successfully engaged in farming and ranching in this unique Sacramento River bottom area that include commercially available organically-grown produce, top-quality hay, and grass grazed beef cattle. Produce is currently available at the Redding Certified Farmer's Market and is grown on many sites, some as small as 5 acres which belies the notion that all agricultural lands must be expansive and contiguous.
Additionally, preservation of Churn Creek Bottom assures protection of watershed areas, wildlife, air quality and open space.
Help protect it by becoming a member or by making a donation.